Sunday, 13 March 2016

Short Story Writers at The Bluecoat

We are now half way through the Comma Press Short Story course that I'm teaching at The Bluecoat in Liverpool. It is a joy and privilege to work with such a fantastic group of writers.

Phil Olsen, one of the writers taking part, is blogging about the course on The Bluecoat website. So if you're curious to see a little inside info about what we get up to in our workshops do have a read.

One of the loveliest aspects of this course for me is seeing how the writers in the group are supporting each other with insightful, honest and constructive feedback on each other's work, encouraging one another and getting to know each other beyond the short time we have on workshop evenings. As I've developed, and continue to develop my writing practice, having other writers to share challenges,  ideas and experiences with has been vital. And it is a joy to see the links that are being made between writers participating on the course that I hope will continue long after the workshops have finished later this year.

If you are looking to develop your short story writing, Comma Press are running two more short story courses in the near future with two brilliant writers and creative writing tutors - Michelle Green in Manchester, and Adam Marek in London. 

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