Saturday, 6 December 2014

BBC Radio 4 Open Book

Following the release of the Beta Life anthology a couple of weeks ago, Martyn Amos and I were invited to BBC Radio 4 to be interviewed by Mariella Frostrup for Open Book. It was an interesting experience... luckily prerecorded... which meant my faltering answers were cut down to something that sounded sensible.

The interview played out on Radio 4 on Sunday, and then repeated on Thursday. It was an immense privilege, albeit a terrifying one, doing the interview. And a special kind of nervous when part of my story, The Bactogarden, was read out on the programme. To have a story (well... an extract from one) read on Radio 4 realised one of my writing dreams. I feel proud and very lucky to have been involved in this Comma Press project with so many fantastic writers and scientist consultants.

The interview can be heard here.

PS. For more Radio 4 loveliness, here is a link to a short story series I enjoyed recently, Short Rides in Fast Machines; brilliant short stories commissioned by Sweet Talk Productions from three of the best - Toby Litt, Adam Marek and Tania Hershman.

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