Friday, 18 July 2014

Good Mentor Health

I've said it before, I'll say it again; the WoMentoring Project is a brilliant thing. I am delighted that I applied for a mentor through this initiative. When I saw the list of incredible writers, editors and agents (all women) offering their skills and expertise as mentors to emerging women writers, I knew immediately who I wanted to apply to. Tania Hershman is a writer I admire hugely. She is also an expert on flash fiction which is an area I want to develop and improve in my own work. Plus, Tania writes a lot of stories that fuse science and fiction which is something I love and want to do more of. I was so delighted when she agreed to take me on as a mentee. It is all still very new, but already Tania has done so much to help and encourage me with resources, a fantastic collection of short story inspiration and, probably most valuably, permission... to stretch out, dream, try something new in my work. I have written two new pieces already with my head in a very different space. It is invigorating and so exciting. I'm lucky to have such a tremendous mentor. And I can't rave about the WoMentoring Project enough. A brilliant endeavour that I've been signposting to all my female writer friends.

And finally, Mr S and I have a holiday coming up, so this week I compiled my holiday reading list which for me trumps any other sort of holiday prep! This year's mix includes two recently-dead authors, three novels I've been meaning to read for ages, a bit of SF, a classic or two, a book I was given as a gift that I'm a tiny bit sceptical about but will probably hugely enjoy and a delicious delicious Sophie Hannah novel (that I will probs have finished by the time we land in Spain). I thank the Lord that Mr S has a Kindle so in terms of baggage allowance, he can take a bit of a hit with holiday library.

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