Friday, 24 January 2014

Just Right...

So this week I finally got round to buying a proper office chair for me to sit on. I know! Exciting And Noteworthy.

My 'office' is actually the dining room. We do have a little room in our house called the office. It is upstairs and it is full of my lovely husband's stuff for work he needs to do at home (he's a teacher - I will punch the face of anyone who claims teachers have it easy - I can testify to the fact Mr S works for hours after the school day 'finishes' and every weekend, too.) So the actually office is really his territory. Besides, it is the room in which we keep our corn snake, Geoff and much as I love him, I don't really want to spend that much time in close proximity. I also have a weird aversion to working upstairs. It just feels all wrong. Perhaps because it's too far from the kettle.

So over the years I've carved out my working space at the dining table and I don't know why I've persisted for so many years to sit at the dining table aka, my desk, on a dining chair. I've always had neck and back problems, and I'm certain this will just have made it worse.

So I went to Ikea and, feeling a bit like Goldilocks, tried all of the chairs until I found the one that was Just Right. I love it. It is swivelly and on casters. And has a lever to make it go up and down. When I lean back, I don't feel like I'm going to misplace a vertebrae anymore and my desk looks more... well, like a desk and less like a dining table with a laptop on it. All good. The black thing at the bottom of the photograph is also new - a tilting footrest - if, like me, you are vertically challenged, I highly recommend getting one, too. Your (unthrombosed) leg veins will thank you for it.

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