Sunday, 15 December 2013

Carys Bray's 'A Song for Issy Bradley' Proof Prize Draw... and the winner is... ME!

This arrived this week!

I can't really express adequately just how delighted I am!

'A Song for Issy Bradley', Carys's first novel, recently sparked a massive publisher bidding war (the sort of thing every writer dreams of!) Read about it here.

I 'Liked' the novel's Facebook page and won a prize draw for a copy of the proof. And I never, ever win anything! I'm so thrilled. Not only did I get the proof, but Carys very generously also threw in a 'Books are my Bag' tote as well. Feels like Christmas came early in the Schofield house.

I am doubly lucky, in that I've had the opportunity to read a few sections of Carys's novel already. I am a massive fan of her writing. I reviewed Carys's Scott Prize winning short story collection, Sweet Home, last year. Carys is a writer who gets to the heart of human experience. You know when you read a passage that is so strikingly true and perceptive that you want to read it out loud to someone? That happens all the time for me in her stories. I am so excited to get to read the proof.

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