Thursday, 3 June 2021

Writer in Residence on The Furor Scribendi a floating short story library - The most wonderful and exciting place to read, write, think, float, dream...

This week I am writer in residence on this incredible vessel.

This is Furor Scribendi. She is a floating library of short fiction. 


She was commissioned and funded by Super Slow Way, The Canal and River Trust, Lancashire libraries, Coventry City of Culture and British Council. For more on how this immensely exciting project came about, see this podcast from the brilliant Heather and Robin at Lancashire library Services interviewing creator artist Heather Morison.

This vessel is a piece of art; a sculpture created and brought to life by Studio Morison artists Heather Peake Morison and Ivan Morison. They have imagined and realised every aspect from the outer paint aesthetic and internal carpentry to the tiniest details on the boat. Everything about this boat is considered - it is exquisite art, yet it is all entirely functional. The attention to detail is overwhelming. I spent the first two days of my residency taking it all in. 

These are the incredibly beautiful ceramic tableware and light fittings, made from casts of detritus found in and around the canal. And painted canvas panels by Heather Morison. More on this in a future post.

Furor Scribendi will travel up and down the Leeds Liverpool canal as a library for the community. You will be able to hop on, dip into the outstanding short story collection, meet and chat with librarians, fellow community members, readers and writers, and possibly even the artists who created this gorgeous research vessel. Furor Scribendi will travel down to Coventry at the end of June for the Coventry City of Culture and return to Lancashire in the Autumn. When things start to open up a little (Please Please!), there will be a programme of events for the local community - opportunities to relax, share ideas, read and float away. 

It is an immense privilege to be the very first writer in residence on Furor Scribendi. I'm enjoying exploring the stunning and diverse short fiction on board - I am reacquainting myself with old favourites, finding new writers to love and reading writers I know I should have read by now but haven't. More on this in a later post. They have almost as many short story collections as I have at home. 

I am writing something. But I'll say a bit more about that in a separate post. 

If you'd like to see some more, we had a little feature on ITV Granada Tonight, see it here.

The launch was also covered by BBC Lancashire. See more here.

I am having a ball. I feel like the actual luckiest writer in the world. 

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

So... it's been a while.

Have you been waiting with baited breath. If you're still alive after baiting your breath for such a long time... more info, news, reviews and stuff coming soon. Thank you and sorry. (and thank you for stopping by!) 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Short Story at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

Calling all in the North West who enjoy writing! 

This 3 session course is open to all, whether you are a new and aspiring writer or experienced and looking to further develop your writing craft... 

Held at The Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, this course is for anyone who’d love to develop their creative writing, particularly focussing on the short story. It runs over three months giving participants time to develop their ideas.
Open to all, the sessions will be relaxed and fun with lots of writing activities and discussion. Participants will also have opportunities to share work and receive feedback in order to develop their writing.
Dates: 3 sessions accross 3 months. 20 September, 18 October & 15 November
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Facilitated By: Sarah Schofield
Fee: £30
Age & Ability: Adult Learners
To Book: Contact the gallery, 01695 571328

I would love to see you there! Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sandy Lane Storytellers: Stories Are Important

This week, the Sandy Lane Storytellers Project begins - a series of creative writing workshops in community groups across the Skelmersdale area. The project, funded by the Arts Council England, with grant money secured by Friends of Sandy Lane and the Arts Development Service, focusses on the Sandy Lane shopping centre, a 1960s precinct that sits at the heart of the oldest part of Skelmersdale - and the history and heritage that underpins this community. Visual art workshops are also running in the community for the project led by fantastic artists One Red Shoe. They are blogging about the project here.

The first workshop was at Park Children's Centre's Busy Bodies Group. The numbers were a little low, due to Easter holidays. However, it was a delight to meet and chat with the folk who came along. I had planned some activities, but actually the way the session went, it felt more productive to spend the time engaging with the parents, carers and children who attended, to talk with them about their experiences of living in the Sandy Lane area, how they use the shopping centre, what things would make it better and their thoughts and reflections on community in the area. It was an important reminder that no matter what I bring along to any session, the key to this project is the people within the community and letting sessions flow from them and how they choose to engage with it.

We also shared about favourite stories. This was the conversation that really sparked people's enthusiasm. It was lovely to hear about what kind of stories the children particularly engaged with - two firm favourites being Julia Donaldson's 'The Gruffalo' and McBratney and Jeram's 'Guess How Much I Love You.' Other comments included a love of touchy-feely and lift the flap books. Everyone had something to say about the stories their children loved, and that led onto the stories they themselves love. It confirmed how important stories are for people of all ages. and how crucial storytelling is, which is really at the heart of this project - making space for people to tell their stories.  

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Short Story Writers at The Bluecoat

We are now half way through the Comma Press Short Story course that I'm teaching at The Bluecoat in Liverpool. It is a joy and privilege to work with such a fantastic group of writers.

Phil Olsen, one of the writers taking part, is blogging about the course on The Bluecoat website. So if you're curious to see a little inside info about what we get up to in our workshops do have a read.

One of the loveliest aspects of this course for me is seeing how the writers in the group are supporting each other with insightful, honest and constructive feedback on each other's work, encouraging one another and getting to know each other beyond the short time we have on workshop evenings. As I've developed, and continue to develop my writing practice, having other writers to share challenges,  ideas and experiences with has been vital. And it is a joy to see the links that are being made between writers participating on the course that I hope will continue long after the workshops have finished later this year.

If you are looking to develop your short story writing, Comma Press are running two more short story courses in the near future with two brilliant writers and creative writing tutors - Michelle Green in Manchester, and Adam Marek in London. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Sandy Lane Stories in Skelmersdale

Photograph from User Rept0n1x at Wikimedia Commons
I'm looking forward to starting a new creative project working with community groups in Skelmersdale, focussed around a shopping centre in the heart of the oldest part of the town.

Sandy Lane Shopping Centre was built in the 1960s, with all the idiosyncratic design features that come with some mid century architecture. The site has been in need of attention for some time and can appear unwelcoming as all the shops face inwards. From the outside it's a little hard to tell it is a shopping centre at all. Although once within, it is busy with friendly independent and chain businesses that are working hard to serve the needs of the community.

Skelmersdale is a large industrial town in the Northwest of England. There is much I admire about Skelmersdale, particularly in the Sandy Lane area. Skelmersdale has a rich and complex history. There is a spirit of entrepreneurialism and aspiration. The town has also endured hardship and lack of investment over the years, which has caused some social and community difficulties.

The project aims to gather stories of the history of the area to celebrate and promote its rich heritage and important place, both historically and looking to the future. I will be working alongside two fantastic artists, Fiona and Neil at One Red Shoe, to gather and share the narratives of local people and give them artistic input into the future of the shopping centre. Fiona and Neil have already been working with community members to improve the appearance of the site with striking banners.

I'm excited to begin gathering creative memories and narratives through workshops. I am hoping to learn a lot more about the history of the area from local people and together build a new story that is reflective of the diverse and optimistic future of the area.

Supported by Arts Council England grants and the Arts Development Service, The Friends of Sandy Lane are already working hard to think about how to make this area a more attractive and functional community hub. More soon on how the project develops.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Short Story Course at Bluecoat, Liverpool

I'm excited to begin teaching a new creative writing course this week at The Bluecoat, Liverpool's centre for the contemporary arts. Comma Press, in collaboration with The Bluecoat, are looking to nurture and inspire new and emerging writers from the city over this six month course.

Liverpool is renown for its hugely rich and diverse cultural mix. A wealth of creative talent continues to spring from the city. And I feel immensely privileged to work with the writers who have signed up to the course to develop and hone their short story practice. While we will, of course, explore narratives from across the world to inform our own work, I am hoping we will delve deep into much that the city has to offer - fiction, culture, art and history - using what is immediately on our doorstep. And the Bluecoat is the perfect setting for this.

The short story course is all booked up now. But you can see here for more information on other events happening at The Bluecoat and to stay up to date with future courses.